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Emotional Intelligence, Applying It At The Right Time; The Case Of Bro Sammy (Gh) And Will Smith

Anger destroys. When you are angry and emotional, take a breath and ponder over the consequences. A lot have paid prices for something that could have been avoided. 

Last week on the 19th March, 2022, during the United Showbiz entertainment program on Utv, hosted by Afia Schwarz, gospel artiste, Broda Sammy, made a statement about not sleeping with the wife again because his wife, had accused him of his involvement in occultism. Listening to him, he was venting his spleen on an issue that he had harboured for so long. His faux pas was, he didn't couch his words well looking at the platform he was sitting on to say loosely "i will not insert my manhood in my wife again, never"! Emotional intelligence wasn't applied before this statement. 

Suffice to say Broda Sammy erred, did that also call for a radio station of the same media house as Utv, for an experienced presenter and his panelists, to sit live and insult Broda Sammy using all invectives and swear words? He was referred to as "gyimie, kurasini, foolish guy doing gospel music, stupid man, evil, not annointed, joker, fucking etc. He even quizzed as to why he, Broda Sammy, was allowed on the United showbiz? Was the presenter, questioning the competence of the producers of the program who engaged Sammy on the night?

Meanwhile, some of those chastising him, had worst record of not exhibiting emotional intelligence. How emotional unintelligent is to bring someone's marriage DNA report to a live show and declare that, you were the only one having the true report and that, one of the children didn't belong to the father meanwhile, you were not there when the test was being conducted. Did he think of the children, the mother and the other people involved then?The children in this saga pictures, were shown live on Facebook during the program but, had the audacity to insult others about not exhibiting emotional intelligence. The crab and the scorpion are all part of the crustacean family

Will Smith and Chris Rock, similarly didn't apply emotional intelligence during the just ended Oscars two days ago. How can you create a joke about someone's illness, Chris Rock? How can you walk on a stage and slap a colleague Will Smith?

All these happened because, emotional intelligence wasn't applied! Let's watch what we say about others for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. It is good that, both Will Smith and Chris Rock, have apologized.

Credit: Fred Kyei

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