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Susanna And I Can Get Married By Next Month - Grandpa Of Date Rush ‘Surprisingly’ Reveals

The Season 5 episode 2 of Date Rush has been one of the most trending and dramatic episode since inception with some surprises it sparked with the selections of Dates.

The First Lady who appeared on Stage was Susanna and was very bold and specific over the kind of man she would like to go on a date with. On this same episode, Ali and Shemima became a trend after Shemima stunned viewers with her endowed beauty.

However, Grandpa was known to be one of the most pioneers of Date Rush who has kept very long since Season 1 to Season 4 but still didn’t get a Date.

Surprisingly, he got a date with Susanna on the last episode which was really a reminiscing and an unforgettable moment for him after dedicating his time and faith to find love on the show as it felt like a dream come true.

Meanwhile, the new couple in town, Grandpa and Susanna showed up on an interview on ZionFelix TV to discuss on their romantic love journey and their plans ahead of making something out of their relationship and if they think their relationship will last.

This question came after the host asked the couples whether their relationship is an intimate relationship.

Susanna replying to ZionFelix, she stated; “Of course it will take some time for us to get there but i will only allow myself when we get married, either than this, Grandpa should not think of that at the moment”

Grandpa replying to Susanna after the host asked him whether he can “He revealed that it shouldn’t be a surprise if they get married next month because he Susanna fits into his life perfectly well”

Grandpa and Susanna portrays the behavioral patterns of matured couples who have the same personality and apparently they look so optimistic about their love life.

Content created and supplied by: Bella_Aboagye12 (via Opera News )

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