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A Pastor In A Prison Charm The Prison Ward To Go Down On Her For Several Times Till They Were Caught

Please I beg you to hit the follow button at the right corner of your phone to follow me and get updated on all the amazing stories about entertainment, politics, jokes, culture, fashion, lifestyle and so many others. Interesting stories and news are always coming in, you can not afford to miss them, that is why is a must to follow me to be the first to catch the news in the air. Today article is a very interesting one. This article is about a prison that found its way to influence a prison Wardner to go down on her. Let set the ball rolling.

The controversial event in the prison quarters between a woman warden and a prisoner has not stopped South Africa from speaking. The video is thought to be blinkered by the position of the lady in her job, as disciplinary measures are expected to be taken in the face of her disappointment.

Nevertheless, many Mzansi has been considering why an official will fall so low and take part in an event that can complicate her job and also cause the family unnecessary shame. The imprisoned person allegedly served a prison sentence for a crime he had committed.

However, after a picture of him carrying a Bible, South Africans are wondering if the prisoner was a pastor in the prison ward. "Will he be a preacher before the incidents? One commentator asked? He must be imprisoned for a long time for breaking prison regulations and rules. But on the other side, I think if the opponent which happens to be the prison Wardner, did not accept, nothing would have happened. My point is that both break the rules and regulation so they should be handled the same punish. What is your view too?

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