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Ashanti Region: Mother and daughter pregnant for the same man

The choices we make if care not taken will come back and not just harm us but ruin us forever. We may assume taking a particular role in life gives us pleasure and comfort and money, but at the end, it will be our biggest nightmare.

Life is in deed smooth when you get everything you want in life, but the same people who thinks life is sweet will be the same to condemn life if it becomes too rough for them. 

A mother's dream is to make sure her child makes the best choices and not just follow her footsteps. Every mother doesn't wish for her children to be like her but to be more than her in everything; achievement, success, money and power. 

If your child deviates from that, it doesn't just destroy your spirit but it makes you feel like you have failed in life, and that is exactly what Madam Juliana Brempong feels. 

After the death of Mr. Brempong in 1998, Madam Juliana who has never set foot in a classroom before decided to take every possible step to make sure her only child Akosua, is well kept and she will never feel rejected as her father is no more. 

Akosua was just 3 months when her father passed away and her mother, Juliana made sure, she will do everything in her power to secure her child's future for her. 

Juliana took on various forms of manual jobs to make sure they survived the storm and not die in abstract poverty. She later met an old friend who introduced her to the overnight business where she can make enough to keep her daughter safe and provide quality education for her so she Akosua can be more than her mother. 

Juliana initially rejected the idea from her friend but after two months of struggle, she considered and joined an evening shift women fraternity that took pride in selling something they had for money. 

Juliana soon became the wild meat among the group as the customers preferred her more due to her appearance and skin tone. All the women in the group gave her the push she needed since she had a little child and was a widow. 

She never disclosed her nature of job to anyone not even to her little sister who lived with her. Business was good and money kept coming so there was no worries. No customer visited her at home and no customer called her in the day because she wanted to make sure she is available to her baby. She will only leave the house at night when her baby is fast asleep in the care of her sister, who only knew she was going to all-night services. 

Juliana has been in the business since then and plans on retiring, that was when she decided to allow a sweet customer talk her into having a baby for him. She agreed and told Akosua who lives and school in Accra that she was going to have a little brother. Akosua got happy to know the good news, finally her mother has found love again. 

Akosua gave her mother all her support and told her she should allow her move back to Kumasi when she is done with her studies in Accra, but Juliana has been denying her that because she can't risk her daughter finding out what she has been doing to keep them surviving since her husband died.

Jacob who is the father of Juliana's unborn baby, is a real estate developer and agent who performs most of his business in Accra. Jacob met Akosua, Juliana's daughter on March 6, 2020 and kept showering her with gifts upon gifts until Akosua gave in to his demands. Akosua soon became pregnant and Jacob told her to have the baby because he needs the baby. 

Tears and sorrow filled Akosua's heart as her mother has been warning her everyday to finish school, get a job and find a man who will marry her. 

Jacob is not Akosua's age and she can't marry him and even if she wanted to marry him, her mother will not agree. She kept pounding on how she is going to reveal her pregnancy to her mother who is also expecting to give birth on first week of August per doctors reports. 

Madam Juliana who is well knowledgeable in the girl child and female affairs due to her experience in the night business sensed her daughter's worries every time they spoke and finally asked her what she was keeping away from her. 

Akosua gathered courage and told her mother about her pregnancy. Juliana who promised her husband's grave that she will do everything to make sure their daughter becomes like him, told her daughter not to worry and come home after her final exams which is scheduled in few weeks. Akosua is in her final year in one of the prestigious universities in Accra. 

After knowing she was pregnant for an aged man, Juliana consoled her daughter to be calm and focus on her studies. She will take care of the baby so she can have her life back. One mistake cannot ruin her young life. Juliana told her little sister to go and stay with Akosua so she won't do anything stupid since it was her first time.

Jacob on an unannounced visit to Akosua met with Juliana's little sister Foriwaah and that was when Juliana found out her baby father is not just cheating on her, but has gotten her daughter pregnant. 

With the exception of family members and a few friends in the night business, no one knows Juliana has a 22 year old grown up daughter and neither did Jacob also knew Juliana has a daughter. 

Juliana confronted Jacob of having another affairs and Jacob didn't lie about it. He told her, he was going to tell her but looking at her condition, he wasn't ready for her to have any problems with the pregnancy. Jacob managed to convince Juliana that as soon as the other woman gives birth, he is going to take the baby from her and bring it to Juliana so both can still focus on their pending wedding. 

Only Foriwaah, Juliana's sister and Juliana herself knows about it. Juliana is willing to tell her daughter the truth but she is not willing to tell Jacob anything because she feels he betrayed her. If Jacob in deed loved her as he has been saying, he wouldn't have gone anywhere for another affairs. 

Juliana knows one day, Jacob will find out, but until then, she is ready to keep this to herself, her sister and her daughter. 

Juliana after she agreed to meet me. We had a few chat after she showed me around and gave me her side of the story. For the sake of her identity, her face can't be shown.

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