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Celebrity Fashion Stylist Toyin Lawani Goes Naked Infront Of Her Son As She Shares Baby Bump Photos

Nigerian Celebrity Stylist Designer Toyin Lawani who is well known as Tiannah Place Empire has gone half-naked in front of her son as she shares series of photos of her baby bump. The 39-year-old fashion designer who is also an interior decorator took to her Instagram account to share her pregnancy photos and she looked quite beautiful in them.

Although the photos look cute and beautiful, it seems the fashion designer has crossed her boundary by sharing the photos with her son who is not of age to be seen on social media with her in the position they've been in the photos.

Her action has put a lot of people on social media in shock because such acts are not expected from her as a grown-up woman and a mother of two kids. After she shared the naked picture of herself and her son on social media. The photos are gaining a lot of massive reactions on social media.

Toyin Lawani for some time now has been very vibrant with her wild photos on social media and these new photos from her this time around are not a surprise to most of her followers but the inclusion of her son is what is making the photos viral.

In the photos, the beautiful fashion designer is seen with her 7-year-old son Lord Maine (Tenor). In one of the photos, Toyin is seen clinching her son to her baby bump and the son's hin, the between her boobs. In another photo, her son is seen planting a kiss on the uncovered baby bump. Check out the photos and their captions below.

According to Toyin as she captions this photo, she made it clear when you have kids and you get married, you always have to always reassure them they come first.

She said they first feel threatened, they won’t like your partner, they will compete for attention, they cry for no reason, they want you to focus on only them. Why didn’t you do that dance with me instead of uncle segun, mom can I take a picture with you. She further stated that the photos will help many women who are facing problems of children and their uncle's attention.

"This pregnancy series will help few moms on how to deal with things like this 👑", she wrote.

"Make them hustle for their comfortability, at this age my kids pay their school fees cause they put in a lot of work on their various brands and I made it so, a lot say oh let them be kids, guesp pops what a lot of people don’t have a choice than to grow up fast, cause some of us lost our moms Early and had to do grown up things by ourselves 👑", she captioned.

Reading through the captions of the photos, it is obvious that Toyin Lawani is try set a very good example for women who find themselves in a position where they have children from their previous relationship living with them in their relationship.

But sometimes the reasons behind our attitude can't be taken into consideration because in 2020 a similar thing happened in Ghana and a popular actress was sentenced for sharing a naked photo she had with his 7-year-old son on his birthday.




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