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Date Rush: After 7 Consecutive heartbreaks, Rockson finally disclosed to Giovani the cause of it

If you follow Date Rush season 5 from the first episode, you will get to know that Rockson has really passed through a lot. Though love is an issue of the heart and no one forces himself or herself into it but it looks like Rockson is desperately looking for one but it does not turn out well for him. He has been putting his rush on for almost every lady that comes on stage but luck has always not been on his side. The ladies keep on rejecting him for countless times.

It got to a time that Rockson has to literally cry on stage after Jennifer put his rush off. Giovani Caleb became worried and raised concern about why the ladies have been giving him blackout. He answered by saying probably it might be because of his hair. Rockson has braided his hair. It is not known whether that's his signature or brand but that is how he brings to the stage since episode one.

Giovani asked him whether he will cut his hair for the next episode, but later consoled and gave him hope that his time will surely come. He said maybe there will be a lady who also likes men with braided hair so he shouldn't lose hope because there is light at end of the tunnel. Do you actually believe it is the hair that is not making Rockson get a date or there is more to it?

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