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Beauty Battle;Falguni and Gunjan who is more beautiful

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Falguni is an Indian actress by name Tanvie Dogra.A hindu,who was born and raise in Mumbai India.She started her acting career on 2016 and is 23years now. Though,her actual date of birth is unknown.

Gunjan is also an indian actress as well and a very talented to be precise.

Someone may ask,What do I have to do with an indian actress since I'm a Ghanaian. The actress may not be from here,but the popularity they have here is so huge.They are even famous than most of our actress here. Ghanaians saw Falguni first in a series called JiJiMa one of their usual Twi novellas. The series has captured a lot of hearts among the children in the women in our country.Expecially the women in the market .According to them,they find their story line more educating.

The movir is a series which aims at showing people the need to protest their families from the hands of those who seek to destroy them.Even if they are part of their family.It showcase love,hatred,betrayal and revenge.

Theres no doubt that the leading actress is one of the most beautiful actress In India.But shes seen most of the time in her traditional clothes in the movie.Here are some of her pictures without them.

However,gunjan was also seen first on our screens in sapne suhani ladapanke. The promising actress stole our hearts with her great mind and her can do spirit.Both actress are beautiful and Ghanaians cant see whom to crown queen of beauty. Help me choose one from their pictureswhat do you think? Aren't they beautiful, Thanks for reading.And choose your favourite in the comment box below.

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Beauty Battle Falguni Ghanaian Ghanaians Gunjan


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