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Funny TV3 Cartoon About Youtuber, Twene Jonas Goes Viral

Twene Jonas, is a well known loudmouth, who has created a niche for himself, as a critic of bad leadership and poor development, in the country.

One article on, describes, Twene Jonas the Ghanaian young man living in America as a revolutionary by all standards, as his unconventional approach of getting us and our leaders to do the right thing is mind-boggling, because according to his the writer, revolution doesn’t go with diplomacy.

Twene Jonas, who is a viral vlogger and content creator has been in the news lately, as his attacks, may have moved away from the political class and made its way into the chieftaincy circles, where he blames our chiefs, for overseeing over the degradation of our environment, thanks to the illegal activities of galamsey.

Twene Jonas, in one of his many videos, mentioned the Asante king while blasting Ghanaian chiefs and leaders in his latest rant about galamsey destroying water bodies. "...Ghana everyone is a thief, they don't speak the truth, including the Asantehene. He couldn't speak the truth but if you watch, he has been listening to me now, hence, he has to speak the truth now," he said.

This was taken by many Ghanaians on social media as derogatory to the Asantehene leading to calls for him to apologise. A sub-chief of Otumfuo even beseeched him to come down from America and apologise or suffer the consequences of his actions. Other groups came on social media to rain curses on Jonas for his insults on Otumfuo.

Not long after, Twene Jonas brushed off the calls for him to apologise, saying he will not because all Ghanaian leaders are not wise enough. Jonas even went further to mock those who cursed him to rather use that energy to curse NAM1 who had squandered their money.

In one of his viral videos, Twene had taken a swipe at a man who reportedly cursed him. In a self-recorded video on Instagram, Twene Jonas was seen addressing the cursing escapade and jabbed the man at the center of it. The "glass nkoaa" crooner indicated that he was shocked that the man believed his curse was going to work.

In making nonsense of the viral curse video, Jonas said the man would have been better off if he had boiled the egg and eaten it with braised rice popularly known as Angwamo. Jonas went on to say the man was suffering from malnutrition caused by protein deficiency in his diet and that the egg could have done him more good should he have eaten it.

There have since been several back and forth, but what may even be more funnier, may be the TV3 cartoonist, Tilapia, who shared a funnier cartoon of his debacle and has generated social media commentary on it. In the post with the cartoon below, which depicts the gods, already vacating their post, these were some of the comments that followed.

Sylvester Jebe writes "this is all u know u never thought of how ur own children will grow to become better sons and daughters all u known is pour libation and curse the curses will go to ur children and great grand children and they wont have better water to drink"

Snow Ice writes "They are sharing money for free to children and families in USA you’re here cursing ! It’s pity ooo! You don’t even have portable water to drink ! No better roads ! Ahhhh! God ! Hmmm!"

Kofi Jet Ansah writes "They don't use smart phone. They just heard someone saying there is a guy called Twene Jonas insulting them but they don't know what exactly he said about them. They will die rather for GHANA to succeed"

Abraham Gyebi writes "All the hundred percent mistake our African leaders did come from our mentality, the way our people think is poor. Don't think that Ghana is Christian country no Jesus leave Dada."

Jerry Akot writes "The chiefs also want to become celebrities, Jonas all the way"

Abraham Gyebi writes "The youth must be work hard and stop depends our leaders. Because they disappointed us. Pls my beloved brothers let us work hard for our future.

Stanley Kofi Twumasi Ankrah writes "This Tilapia must be very stubborn to have survived in this kind of water"

Winston Tyrone Kwatia Snr writes "Is it "nananum finish glass nkoa for us" or "nananum finish glass nkoa or us" which is which? I am not supporting them like Archipalago

Afe Nyo writes "The gods travel by force. Someone even said the gods are blinded by the muddy water. All these old men ain't gonna be part of the future so they're looking for what they'll eat today"

Gyan Khemist writes "U still the worry the river gods after destroying demma habitat Eiii enipa soro ad33 kuraa this like the moment u mentioned their name den one standup den slap u arrr like u go use police next time"

Geli Philemon writes "You couldn't curse the galamsey ppl who spoil the water. I tot they could curse all the galamsey ppl so that dey die and our waters will be left alone. Ooo"

Abubakar Abdul Hamid writes "Nananum gods would rather be angry with the chiefs for allowing the locals and their Chinese scavengers to pollute their abodes in the rivers"

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