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Prayerful Youths Can Never Rule The World, They'll Always Be Beggars Via Miseducation - Ifa Funsho

Today appears as a good day as many are going about the normal duties going to church and making the best out of today by worshipping and living in the will of God.

There are many who believe in the efforts and strength on one's ability as others believe in prayer and supplication to God in truth and spirit.

A post has suffered online as a personality by name Ifa Funsho tells a very catchy narration attached with images of children who learn and children who pray.

She said that, "While our children are being taught to always pray to solve their problems, other countries children are being taught in science, tech. Critical thinking at young age.

A prayerful youth can never be productive or rule the world. They'll always be a beggar via miseducation".

Are her words of "prayerful Youths can never rule the world, they'll always be beggars" true? Are her words too harsh? Is she telling the truth? Or there's more to it? Let's hear your thoughts on this.

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Ifa Funsho


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