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I pray that God will send someone like that into my life - Beautiful lady says in tears.

SVTV recently on their program where they interview people has just interviewed this beautiful lady. For real, this lady is having a problem and would need help from people. This is the sad story that she narrated on SVTV.

According to this lady, she only completed JHS and stopped schooling. She continued that she was apprenticed to a certain woman who owned hair dressing saloon but unfortunately, she became sick and the woman out of anger, sacked her. That is where she started to see how tough life is.

According to her, when she was sacked, her pastor prophesied to her that she would became a great media personality and that, she decided to continue her education in a media school. For her, she qualified and only thing left for her to start was the school fees but she couldn't afford and that dream just ended over there.

She continued that she was just moving in life until she got pregnant and had baby. As for the father of her son, he left her making life very rough for her. Now, she really feels in her spirit that she wants to do the work of God and according to her, she wants to be a Gospel musician but she cannot focus on that because of how she has to struggle all day to get something for her family and child since both mother and father also not working.

She continued that, her prayer is that the Lord will send into her life someone that will hold her, train her voice and prepare her fully for that gospel singing. According to her, she even sometimes gets lyrics in her head but she's not having any support and that, she forget and struggle for something little for living.

This is what this beautiful lady said on SVTV. Please like, share and follow to stay in touch for more of these stories. Thank You.

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