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Was Efia Odo’s Dressing Appropriate For National Television?

In the name of civilization, the moral fiber of the Ghanaian community is slowly but gradually being washed away. We have turned into a society which settles for literally any ideology or sentiments once they are not native, but imported. Any attempt to enforce or even advocate certain aspects of things which form part of our identity as a people is tagged as crude and uncivilized.

We can all attest to the steady decline of the virtue of respect in our society, all for what? a liberal form of society– something which when backfires cannot be handled here.

There are certain things which one may consider as personal choices and hence cannot be overly addressed. One of such things is the manner or type of dressing one , especially ladies opt off.

In this era of feminism and human rights, nothing much can be said especially with the wind of liberty blowing all around.

It is however disturbing when the type of dressing selected does not fit that occasion. Cast your mind a while back to when female musician Wendy Shay visited former head of state John Agyekum Kufuor in a skimpy dress which drew heavy criticism, a classical example of dressing wrongly for an occasion.

It is unfortunate that institutions like media houses are not circumspect when it comes to some of these things.

The flagship program of Despite Media’s UTV is ‘United Showbiz’, an entertainment platform where issues related to the industry are discussed. Patronage of this program is so high-from, the high and mighty to a child and pauper. Being a media outfit with a nationwide coverage, one would have expected that management of the business would go the extra mile to protect the brand, which they do quite well . Unfortunately there are times they fall short.

One such instance is what happened with their latest edition where an overly casually dressed socialite appeared on the show to the shock of many. Her dress as seen in the pictures exposed her upper body so much that portions of her breast could clearly be seen. All in the name of fashion.

Much as no one condemns her for what she wore, since its a matter of choice, one would have expected that she be more covered than what was seen.

What message is being sent to the young ones?

Is it all about the money and nothing more?

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