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Grandpa of Date Rush Gets Bounced Big Time as Lady Refuses To Dance With Him

Date rush has the slogan that "everybody body deserves love" however, actions speak louder than words and viewers of the show have noticed that it is not everyone that receives some of that love.

The story of "Grandpa" on tonight's episode of Date Rush is so hilarious it is sad. One lady who came for her session looking for love hoped onto the stage to get queried. As the tradition goes, your entrance onto the stage must be an entertaining one, so the young lady named Martha came on stage with fierce dance moves.

One Young man named Philip who had described himself as an outgoing person took the opportunity when Martha was near him to go and dance with her.

Many of the other male contestants started protesting as he was trying to enjoy the "package" before it was given to its rightful owner.

However, Martha herself didn't protest, she went on to give him free "feelings".

The male contestants managed to get Philip back to his podium to let the lady continue her dance. Grandpa, one of the elder male contestants among the lot decided that he must also have a taste of the "Package" and thus approached Martha to have a slight dance session with her.

However, it wasn't Grandpa's lucky day, before he could even get within holding distance of Martha, she quickly walked away from him. Many fans in the auditorium and watching from home thus trolled him saying that he has been seriously bounced. Giovani Hilariously also asked why he is trying to scare all the ladies away.

To make it even more painful she went ahead and danced with another contestant named Desmond

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