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People Ignored Me Due To My Height – Lade Speaks

Aulthood Anthem singer Omolade Oyetundun Rachael, commonly known as Lade, shared a sad moment in her life in a recent interview.

According to the singer, many people looked down on him because of his height. In an interview with the BBC, Pidgin said that many ignored him even after she started making music.

The singer/songwriter is currently composing the song after his song "Adulthood Na Scam" went viral. Many people have embraced the song because they can identify with the lyrics of the song. The song outlines the responsibilities that come with being an adult and also discusses how parents and seniors make it seem like an adult is a stress-free life.

Speaking to BBC Pidgin, Lady said: "Hustle inspired 'Adult Hymn'. It's about the phase I am in now, where I have to work to get what I want. I can't go to my parents and ask for something. "I realized that I'm not the only one experiencing this," Omolade said.

“Many young people in Nigeria are also in this phase. You have to do something for yourself. I feel like everyone is waiting for someone to put her in a song. I was pampered and raised with so much care.

"But I didn't know that maturity was so much more difficult. Little did I know that the experience that awaited me was difficult. The fact that I had to start doing something for myself was difficult.

“My journey started in 2020 during the lockdown when I was stuck at home. I started doing disguises for people. I made Simis Sit. She caught the eye and my boss loved it. She says I have to come to the studio to do some work.

“Then we got jobs from other top brands. Since I was 15 years old, I have focused on music. In high school I asked my father to send me to a music school. But parents are parents.

"People look down on me not only because I'm a woman, but also because of my height. Now the story has changed."

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