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"No One Should Ever Call Me 'Atopa' Again". - Abena Obiatopa Gives Strong Warning After Her Wedding.

For the past few days the number one trending news in the country on the various social media platforms is the story of the military man, his ex fiancé and his newly wedded wife, Abena Obiatopa.

The whole story burst out after a lady posted on her social media account on his her ex fiancée who is a military man, has duped her of a huge amount and ended up making arrangement to marry another Lady. A lot of Ghanaians blindly chastised the military man for deceiving the lady and making a fool out of her

The Lady then vowed to disrupt the wedding ceremony between the military man and his then wife to be, Abena Obiatopa. This made the colleague military men of the guy to issue a stern warning to anybody who dares to cause any mayhem at the ceremony.

Fortunately for the two, the said wedding came off successfully yesterday at the st. John's Baptist church Obuase Brahabebome in the Ashanti Region which was a very colourful one.

But the aftermath of the wedding has been more interesting as the bride has issued a strong warning to Ghanaians as well as her social media followers. Speaking live on Accra based Angel television's morning show during a phone in interview with the host, Nana Yaa Benefo, Abena Obiatopa Standard as her name on her social media platform has warned that no one should refer to her as 'Obiatopa' ever again.When asked by the host how she got that name, Abena confirmed that the name though is on her social media platform, but she intentionally used that name just because of her wedding and be sides it's only her husband who can call her by that name.

"The said name is how my newly wedded husband use to call me. He usually call me 'Obiatopa' and I also respond with a name which I don't want to disclose to the public. Please that name is not for public consumption and I don't expect any one to refer to me by that name again" , she stated.

Do you think she Abena has a point in her warning she is giving out to the general public? How can you use a name at your social media handle, but warns the public not to ever call you by that name?

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