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Husband and wife relationship

My ex-husband poisoned me after getting his green card through our marriage - US-based Ghanaian

US-based Ghanaian Madam Winifred has revealed that her ex harmed her to bring his significant other and kids from Ghana to remain in the wake of helping his green card through their marriage.

In a meeting on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Madam Winifred showed that her previous spouse just wedded her for records, a wedding service she completely supported. As per Winifred, she was abused in the marriage for quite a long time before the harming episode.

"He was not working when we got hitched. I paid for everything from his tuxedo to his groomsmen, however he was uninterested about everything. After the wedding, he came to live with me. That is where the abuse started."

"I had no happiness in our marriage. He even to harmed me once. He put the toxic substance in my food and served me at the feasting table; something he had never finished," she told DJ Nyaami.

In somewhere around thirty minutes, Madam Winifred felt the impact of the toxic substance and beseeched her ex to call a rescue vehicle, however he rejected and tossed the telephone on the ground and left.

"It was late, and the lights were off in the front room. I needed to slither around in the murkiness for the telephone. The specialist let me know after my recuperation that I was harmed. Beside that, he attempted different means to kill me off," she described.

Before their marriage, Madam Winifred uncovered that God cautioned her against her ex, however cultural tension moved her to wed him.

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