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I Don't Owe Comfort A Dime; She Received GHC100 Each Month From Me- Richard Agu

Some issues about the messup relationship between ex-fiancé, Comfort Bliss and Richard Agu, are unfolding and it's getting many Ghanaians React quiet differently to the claims made by the former about how she was jilted. Comfort Bliss has accused Richard of having exploited her for her money hich amounts to GHC30,000.00.

The lady is bent on getting her money refunded by Richard tomorrow. But Richard Agu in a latest episode clarifying issues about the claims made by Comfort says, he is not indebted to her nor anyone to that tune.

He wondered how Comfort could 'make' such allegations "when her business is not even worth that." Richard disclosed that there is no truth in the claim, and sought to present an interesting twist to the matter.

According to Richard Agu, his days of training in the military got him some monthly stipend of GH405.00, from which he managed to remit Comfort GHC100.00 each month. He continued that there are evidence to those transactions, adding that his roommate is privy to that.

"I don't owe her a dime. She is the one that must refund my my money. Throughout my military training I was sending her GHC100 out of my monthly allowance of GHC405. I have the evidence on my phone and my roommate is my witness too."

Richard Agu shared that weeks after passing out from the training he managed to dash Comfort some GHC500.00 through the mother, whom he gave a GHC200 tip. Saddly, the money was returned by Comfort into Richard Agu's account.

"I gave her mother some GHC200 tip and handed over GHC500 to be given to Comfort to invest in her indomie business. But she returned the money," he disclosed.

The truth of this claim and the supposed payment scheduled for Monday as stated by Comfort will surely be confirmed when the time comes. In the meantime, Richard is now happily married to Benedicta.

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