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TV Channels In Ghana Have Lost Creativity; Everyone Is Talking Politics And Telenovelas - Jay Foley

Ghanaian radio and television presenter, Jay Foley has commented on Ghanaian TV channels choice of program in recent times.

Television programs such as politics and telenovelas have become common on TV of late.

Political shows on TV is when representative from each political party meets and have conversation on the economy and other matters.

Normally, political shows on TV comes off in the morning from Monday to Friday, also on weekends.

Talking about telenovela, it is a type of a television serial drama produced primarily in Latin America. The word combines tele (for "television") and novela (meaning "novel").

The Akan TV stations translate most telenovelas into Akan speaking language.

'Don't mess with an Angel, Lagata, Storm Over Paradise, Shree, Kumkum Bhagya among others are popular telenovelas in Ghana.

Jay Foley, who is worried about these programs flooded on TV screens says lots of TV channels in Ghana have lost creativity.

He added that every TV channel is taking about politics and telenovelas.

Jay Foley writes;

"Is it me or I think lots of TV channels in Ghana have lost creativity. 

Everyone’s talking politics and telenovellas 😭

Literally everyone".

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