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Date Rush: Update 'Wendy Shay' comment puts Success off; Giovani reacts

Date Rush is one of the reality shows you can't watch without controversy or drama. Today's edition was date rush rewind and it was very interesting to watch. Update, who is a Nigerian came to the stage and actually got a date but he didn't take it easy. As usual, the ladies will never let you go until throwing a whole lot of questions to you.

Update is a content creator and a YouTuber really impressed some of the ladies with his sense of fashion and how he presented himself. His entrance granted him about five ladies. These ladies kept their rush on which means they were interested in him. According to the show, the ladies have to see three videos of the guy who is on stage before they make their final decision.

The third video of Update nearly caused him a thing. In the video, he said he wants a lady with a touch of Wendy Shay. This comment didn't go down well with Success whose rush was on. Success left her box and stood in front of Update to confirm if she really has a touch of Wendy Shay. Giovani who is a host of the show also asked if any of the does not have a touch of Wendy Shay does it mean he is not going to choose her?

Success who didn't want to get broken heart rather saved herself and off her rush because she felt she didn't have a touch of Wendy in her. Upon all that, Update was not moved but stood firm on his decision. He finally got Gifty as his date tonight to go out on a romantic date despite hot tension between him and Success.

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