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Jobs That This Popular Celebrities Did Before They Became Rich And Famous

Everybody has a past of what they went through before they became were they are today, and in this article we will be taken a look at some of the job you won' t believe this six celebrities did before they got their big break.

1) Nicki Minaj

Will you believe me if I tell you that the popular American musician, rapper, singer model and actress Nicki Minaj used to work has a red lobster waitress? ? Well according

to reveal sources before Minaj got are big break in the music industry, she worked as a

waitress in a Lobster Shop in Bronx but was fired for her temper to customers. It was said that she was also fired from " at least 15 jobs" for similar reasons.

2) Beyonce

Beyoncé worked several different gigs before landing her dream job.

in 2011 she talked about how she was forced as a child to earn her keep by doing mundane tasks for her parents. " I helped sweep hair off the floor for tips to pay for my season pass to Six Flags. " She said

Megan Fox

Before Megan Fox became famous she used to work for a smoothie shop in Florida and had to wear a full- on banana costume

During a 2012 appearance on " The Ellen DeGeneres Show, " Fox spoke about her job before she caught her break in the acting world.

" I worked at a little smoothie shop in Florida and I mostly worked behind the register. Once a week, usually on Fridays, someone had to dress up as a fruit, a piece of fruit and go out and stand by the highway, " she said. "

4) Cardi b

Most people already know this, but the popular American singer and rapper cardi b use to work as a stripper before became rich and famous. The rapper started working as a

stripper at the age of 19. She says she did it to escape an abusive relationship and make money to go to university. And by time the she was 21 she' had saved $20, 000 (£15, 000).

Her aim was to give up stripping by the time she was 25 and save enough money to buy a house and rent it out.

5) Dwayne Johnson

Though he' s now one of the highest- paid actors in Hollywood, the Rock had very humble beginnings. He tweeted that his first job was working as a dish washer at age 13, from 3 to 11: 30 p. m.

6) Jennifer Aniston

She is one of the world' s biggest celebs today

But one fact people may not know about this celebrity is that she used to work as a telemarketer. " I was awful, selling timeshares in the Poconos and upsetting people terribly and me just being the worst at it, because I just apologized profusely and hung up the phone, " she' s said.

Thank you for reading and we hope this article has been able to show you that no matter were you here in life thing will always get better.

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