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Slay Queen Almost Strip Off Her Clothes After She Became Drunk In A Party.

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A young lady believed to be in her early 20s got filmed on a phone after she over dosed an alcoholic beverage and lost all her senses to the extend of stripping off her clothes during a night party.

Instead of drinking responsibly as they always advice, the young lady took a complete bottle of an alcoholic beverage popularly known as "Gilbeys gin" to prove to her friends that she's the 'alcoholic conquerer' there.

Moments later, the young lady started dangling and was losing her common senses. She started saying all manner of 'crazy' things in the party. She continued raining insults on her colleagues and was screaming loudly. Her friends realized she was going too wayward after she tried taking her top wear off. She was taken inside the toilet room so that she could vomit a little to make her condition better but she refused doing it and continued screaming and saying all manner of harsh words.

If no one had not responded to her like her friends did, she would have strip her last top wear in the eyes of both men and women.

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