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Love you My Lover; Obaapa Christy shares beautiful Message on her Husband's birthday

Ghana's energetic Gospel music sensation, Obaapa Christy not long ago posted a picture of herself, son and husband on her Facebook page, wishing her dear husband a Happy Birthday.

The message which I have described as a hearty one reads"Family and friends, please help me wish the Love of my Life and Sweetheart Nana Frankie a Happy birthday. Love you" mein Geliebter

In translation, Mein Geliebter is a German phrase meaning "my Lover". 

Gone are days when it was deemed unholy to talk about the subject "Love" or openly call someone your "Lover"

Not even married couples were allowed to openly display love and affection for each other in public, not to talk of a "Born Again" Christian. 

It was seen as morally wrong. 

But in a deeper reflection, I have come to the realization, how this new trend could be saving a lot of people from heart breaks. 

In our society today, well not only here in Ghana, there has been an uncountable stories of people who after marriage discover that their partners were already married with kids or engaged somewhere. 

And such horrible stories sometimes sent people (women especially) into asylum. 

Many broken homes happen as a result of men who secretly Remarry unknown to their existing partners and even the "would be partners". 

However, I think that, one of the ways society especially women in which ever way you may have been or could be a victim, is to check the kind of pictures your partner shares on his or her social media platform. 

This is so important because unlike the olden times when families secretly conduct background checks before allowing their "royals" into the hands of a stranger, the story is not the same again. 

People are hiring mothers, fathers, and uncles as their biological family to represent them during their marriage ceremonies. 

Yes, it is happening! And we need to be alert. 

Like Obaapa Christy and many others display their family pictures on social media, during such important moments, let not only entertain our eyes. 

Let us use social media as one of the platforms we can investigate our partners. 

If they are genuinely in love and are not hiding anything, they will share their pictures especially on such a special occasion. 

If you notice that they are not sharing any pictures of their close associates like their mother, father or at least siblings, ask questions and in answering you may be satisfy your curiosity. 

Note also that not all people like to share their family pictures on social media. 

Let's just be alert and not be fooled. 

A proud wife like Obaapa Christy will if not often share her husband pictures to the full glare of the world. Likewise the husbands. 

Happy Birthday to the cherished husband of Obaapa Christy, Nana Frankie as she proudly calls him. 

For the sake of those who may be reading about Obaapa Christy for the first time, Obaapa Christy with official name Christiana Twene, is a Ghanaian Gospel Musician who has being in Ghana's Gospel Music Industry for more than a decade. 

She was formerly referred to as Christiana Love.

She inherited the name "Love" from her ex-husband. 

However, after her former marriage was dissolved she rebranded with a new name Obaapa Christy. 

Fortunately, the name has caught on well with both Ghanaians and her fans abroad. 

The MentiaAse hit singer was recipient of Gospel Artist of the Year and Song of the Year Awards during the 2007 edition of the Ghana Music Awards.

In 2008, she was conferred with a National Honour by former President John Agyekum Kuffour. 


Content created and supplied by: AJArthurOpare (via Opera News )

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