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Ghana Shoots First 'Blue Film" Movie In Twi Language

Ghana is now shooting full time adult entertainment videos and movies to sell to the international market.

Recently it was revealed that Ghana is the second country in the world that loves to consume adult entertainment contents outranked by only Nigeria.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise at all that a video spotted online captured a full adult entertainment content created by Ghanaians and they spoke pure Akan Twi.

Our culture and decency has been ripped off by our consumptions of foreign contents and overindulgence in foreign things.

It was very difficult to even have a glance of a woman's stature in the 20th Century as a Ghanaian but nowadays, all you need is a phone with internet access. You just have to login to Instagram and Snapchat.

Now, Ghana has advanced and shooting adult entertainment content because business behind the production know very well that it would sell.

The movie was just 11 minutes long and it has created a lot of fuss on social media.

Content created and supplied by: NKBuabeng (via Opera News )

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