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How the man who acted as Jesus was struck by thunder during acting, he did two heart surgeries later

Some say it was God’s way of telling him not to go ahead with the movie whiles others claim he problems must have been tested by God since he was playing the role of Christ hence his faith had to be tested.

During the production of the Christian popular Easter movie passion of Christ , the man who played the role of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Jim caviezel was struck twice by the thunder which left him with several bruises and injuries.

The director was also struck by the bolt but the main one was what hit jim however that did not deter them from proclaiming the word of God and resisting the works of the devil who had probably wanted to stop them from continuing the movie which became the most popular gospel movie of all time and an all time hit.

The passion of Christ movie which was acted in the year 2004 has lived to expectations as till today with a lot of Christians queuing in huge crowds to watch that movie every Easter Day.

He was said to have been struck twice on different occasions while shooting the movie in an outskirt town in Rome Italy in 2004.

Adter the production of the movie he had to undergo two heart surgeries which many believe to be probably due to the thunder strikes he suffered during the movie shoot.

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