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Check Out Celebrities Who Are Well Disciplined And Respected by the public

Celebrities serve as remodel to children therefore parents whose children imitate their lifestyle of these celebrities look up to them with high expectations.

But currently, what do we see from them? especially the women, either twerking, stripping or body modifications and others. With some the motive of big fame and riches.

As some have become public ridicule, some also have won the respect of their fans or followers as well as the public.

Every time you hear or see beef among some celebrities which is quite disappointing.

I have listed down some well-disciplined and respected celebrities in the country. Check them out below;

1. Martha Ankomah - A movie actress who is well respected by Ghanaians because of her gentleness and discipline behaviour. I have not held of any beef between her and somebody.

Watch her pic below;

2. Akuma Mama Zimbi - She is always on set but never seen her fighting anyone or having beef with someone.

Watch her pic below;

3. Esther Smith: She has never been seeing on any interview or public entertainment. Though is one of the big platforms where they generate their income.

4. Stephen Tornado Appiah: Another respected person. During his time with the black stars never had beef or talk anyhow to anybody publicly as the team captain.

5. Jackie Appiah: Always appears calm and gentle has no beef with anybody.

There are more celebrities with a good reputation but these ones are my own short-listed through my research and observation. You may agree with me or not let's hear from you in the comment section.

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Martha Ankomah


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