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Funny pictures that define happiness is free

These pictures clearly define how free happiness is. People took the poses too serious and it made their day funny and wonderful at the statues park.

Life is beautiful when you feel free around people and anything.

Scientist have explained that laughter extends your lifespan as well as sadness can cause depression and unwanted troubles.

People therefore find a way to keep themselves very happy at all cost.

Happiness is contagious and therefore extends positive energy to the people around.

These are beautiful pictures of people taking statues too serious. They took the poses to another level by making them look so real and very hilarious.

This picture portrayed spider Man being hanged on the wall by a statue and the man on the floor internationally placed his leg in the mouth of the statue just to make people laugh and himself happy.

This lady also took the pose to another level

Kids posed beautifully by joining the long queue as if they were making new friends and it's so adorable.

Be a happy soul. Happiness is free, life is beautiful. Live it to the fullest

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