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Ghanaians who have Made Contributions Locally and Internationally that can Never be Forgotten

One day born, One day gone. We are born to unto this World to come and do our part and leave the rest for others to come and continue . As some people's name have vanished after their death, others too name is still mention even after their death Due to some impact and contributions they have made both Lacally and Internationally. Let's take a look at some Ghanaians who have made Contributions Lacally and Internationally.


Raphael Ernest Grail Armattoe born on 12th August 1913 and died on 22nd December 1953. He was born in Keta and later travelled abroad to continue his education. He was a man of many talents; a renowned Medical Doctor, Anthropologist, Writer of Prose and Poetry, one-time Noble Prize Nominee for Medicine and Physiology in 1949, and towards the end of his life , a Budding Politician.


Kofi Annan was born on 8th April 1938 in a small town called Bekwai, near Kumasi,Ghana. His father was the elected governor of Ashanti province and a hereditary paramount chief of the Dante people. The Ghanaian National was the first and only Black African to be appointed as the world's Top Diplomat, a tenure that saw him settle some of the biggest crises of the 21st Century. In December 1996, Kofi Annan was selected as the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations. This was the first time in the history of the UN that a secretary General had been chosen from the UN staff. He received the 2001 Noble Peace Prize . He was the founder and Chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation. He died on 18th August, 2018 at Bern, Swatzerland.


Osibisa is an afrobeat band, founded in London in 1969 by Four Africans and Three Caribbean Musicians. The Leader of the group was a Ghanaian who is by the name Teddy Osei . The group was based in London, United Kingdom. Osibisa comes from "Osibisaba" , the Fante Word for Highlife. They were very famous all over the world because of their music.

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