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Anne Kansime Shares Pregnancy Picture That Shows She is Almost Due

The comedian of Uganda Anne Kamsime is definitely one of the most funny comedians in the East African region, has adopted another level, which always makes short clips that were too much favorites, and she could make a name for himself.

In addition, her comedy kansim of her once was married, but she married unfortunately after years, of what he was not happy and crashed so early in a relationship, and were divorced. They rejected the affirmations that the infidelity of it was in marriage because they never cheated.

He introduced him to his new man a few months ago with all the fun clips he has and always is the fun character that always said that she prayed for a husband, who first believed that no one, but his musician friend, Tukahiirwa Abraham Akias Skylanta was in A relationship for about a year and in one of the interviews in which they eliminated the air, how much they are in love, Kansim discussed her husband Gerald. They are inseparable now.

As soon as they gave a story when they found themselves as Skylanta, he said she was collected in a bar when she bought an alcohol. And that his first kiss was so terrible. He also said he has learned a lot of Kanseiime, who has a very strong character and always pushes him a better person.

According to the recent position that she shared on her social networking side seems to be serious, and she has taken her relationship to another level, she released, as she saw almost due. "I told you that this is my witness year. . 🙏 "Many of his fans congratulated them and were happy that they are pregnant.

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