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Squid Game: Important Life Lessons The Movie Taught The World

Netflix did the world a great honor by releasing the top trending series, Squid game. This movie is a really exceptional one such that the hype people has given it is too overwhelming. I finished watching it and I got to come across some important life lessons which I think you all should know. Let's take a look at them

1. Never plunge your life into debts. Try to be independent since resorting to borrowing may lead you to chaos and self destruction. In the movie, you get to understand that those who fell victim to the cruel act of the game only wanted to settle their debts. I doubt they would have joined the deadly game if they hadn't owned anyone.

2. Trust no one.

This life is full of fake friends and therefore, you should never put your trust in any human. People will pretend to be with you but facing the reality, they are against you. An example is the case of Ali, he trusted too much which led him to his untimely death.

3. Some strangers can offer you a help that even your family won't do.

We are all we have but sometimes, it's saddening when you realize your family members sometimes do not care about you. Sometimes, strangers can show up from nowhere and show you that even though, they ain't family with you, they really care about you.

4. Never rush in life

Rushing in life will only get you regretting at the end. A clear example can be seen in the red lights, green light game. The two people who rushed ended up dying first.

5. Everyone has a role in life.

I realized this when they decided to play the tug of war. Sang woo asked them to choose a team of strong men thinking they were the ones likely to let them win. Well, the underated old man ended up giving them the master plan.

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