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Where This Couple Chose To Spend Their Honeymoon Will SurpriseYou

This world is full of Surprises and that is exactly what this couple chose to do with only God knowing their reasons for that.

An couple whose identity is unknown did the unbelievable thing when they decided to take their honeymoon to the middle of a muddy road and hold it there.

What looked like unimaginary mission finally became possible by the lovers who moved straight to their unusual location right after their wedding ceremony.

Sighting some of their photos that have gone viral on social media, the groom is seen holding his bride as he walks in the muddy road to their place of abide .

The two birds had their bed adorned with roses and flowers as it already seated in awaiting.

Meanwhile, the couples were captured holding, cuddling and embracing each other with beautiful smiles as they pass the night.

However, another romantic moments was when the newly-wedded groom brought his bride some breakfast in bed when the sun was continued to smile at them.

Watch below Photos of their beautiful moments:

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