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Fresh News On The Boy Whose Hand Got Stuck In Sakawa Man's Ring

Last week we woke up to hear a strange news about a boy whose got stuck in a sakawa man's ring. The boy is said to have picked the ring from a game centre and after putting it on his finger he could not remove it. The only remedy is to cut the innocent boy's hand.

Information gathered about the sad incident revealed that the sakawa man intentionally went to the game centre to place the ring there to be able to exchange his life with whoever takes the ring because his time was due. He needed a 19 year old boy to sacrifice or he dies. In order to save his life, he went and placed the ring at the game centre so that any young boy in his teens who picks it will die so that he lives.

When the sakawa man was consulted, he revealed to the boy's family that before the ring can removed or taken off from the boy's finger, they have to sacrifice the blood of a baby and smear it on the ring.

The residents however decided to cut off the finger of the boy to set him free but after consulting a spiritualist, it was revealed that unless the proposed spiritual direction is done or the boy will die.

The incident has brought so much fear to the boy and his family as the innocent boy could not make it if the blood of a baby is not sacrificed within this week.

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