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The young superheroes.

This is a popular animated TV series entitled "Young Justice". It is produced by DC comics in association with max original on Netflix.

The series is about a group of young superheroes who take part in protecting the earth against attacks from outside and inside.

The young people have been trained by the superheroes present at the moment to do their best in protecting the earth.

The young heroes include,Superboy ,the son of Superman who has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, can punch through walls, can run at a high speed and can fly among other special abilities.

There's kid flash;the son of flash who has the ability to run very fast,miss Martian;a shape shifter,cyborg; a machine man,Night wing;their leader whose father is Batman, Aqualad;the son of Aquaman and other interesting superheroes who work together to protect the earth.

There are villains threatening the peace and stability of the earth and these young superheroes are in charge of protecting it. The villains include, the joker;who's a clown villain, darkseid;the most powerful villain among others.

There's a lot to be learned from the series, for example; how to handle responsibility and there's a lot being taught about friendship and teamwork. It's very entertaining and educative and it's not age restricted.

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