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I Challenge You Not To Laugh After Viewing These Funny Jokes And Photos, If You Laugh, You Lose

Jokes is no doubt one of the necessities of life that everyone needs to keep body and soul together. It is intended to recuperate a pitiful heart and acts like a life support to a troubled heart. Jokes not only gets us entertained, but they sometimes be a lesson to the listener.

1- When the relationship ends, the competition of who can pretend to be happier on social media begin😂😂😂😂😂

2- I kept two cubes of sugar on the table. One smart Ant came...saw it,was all over the sugar licking it and was so excited. And left! I know it has gone to tell other Ants about the sugar. So I'm going to hide the sugar and clean that place, so that when they all come... They'll beat him up and think he's a liar! LOL. Am I wicked

3- Relationship stress can make you sit in the toilet and start looking for seatbelt 🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣

4- I could eat my watch, but that would be time consuming.

5- God told a black man: ask me anything u want and i will give it to you , but i will give double to your neighbor . Then he started thinking. If i ask 10billions he will give 20billions to my neighbor , if i ask 100billions, he will give him 200billions. Then he asked God to remove one of his eyes


Which country can such a man be from?

6- When I finally accept my mom’s request on Facebook… My post every day would be “my brothers & sisters in the lord, PRAISE THE LORD”.

7- Today, I saw my ex selling roasted corn at the roadside. She ran immediately she saw me. She didn’t know I was coming to inform her that I sell charcoal.

8- When visiting a sick person;

Americans: Get well soon.

European: Speedy recovery mate.

Ghanaians:- May God have mercy o, this same sickness killed my neighbor Joseph. Lol!

9- On my first day at boarding school, I was served rice, and I was still waiting for stew. A guy from the back seat tapped me and said “bros, that’s jollof rice.” I nearly cried.

10- I will Name My Daughter

"Not Interested"

So when these Bad Guys be like

Hi Babe, I am Dennis

She will simply be like

Hi Dennis, I am Not Interested.

Did you win?

Content created and supplied by: Kufornews01 (via Opera News )

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