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Why Do This To Them? See What This Woman Did To Her Daughters That Has Got Ghanaians Surprised

Motherhood and parenthood is not a thing to toy with respect to the sacrifices and the tiresome nature of it.

It is not an easy task for women from the observing point of view, it's so demanding and draining by the demands and it's inclusions.

It has come to the notice of Ghanaians on Facebook over a woman having four daughters with her whiles she's seen busily having a session on her laptop.

Ghanaians have been asking questions on why this woman [mother] will tie down these young daughters of her's whiles she's busily having time for her own demands.

They believe she should have allowed them to have a feel of their childhood by playing around freely.

From a careful look at the picture, you could deduce that she's busily having either a zoom session or an online engagement that is equally important to keeping eye on her beloved daughters.

It can also be said that it's likely these daughters were disturbing her whiles she was wanting to do her own engagements. 

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