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Meet Visionary’s Alex Nyenga, the Versatile awards winning Cinematographer and Music Producer.

Alex Nyenga who is expertly labeled as Jackie Russ is a visionary’s Liberian part time music producer and a full time professional multiple award winning Cinematographer / Video Director that is massive transforming the narratives of Liberia’s creative art sectors. Alex was Born in Monrovia, Liberia on  May 14, 1990 unto the favored association of Mr. Jack A. Nyenga and Mrs. Cecelia Wolo-Nyenga

Alex Nyenga the senior sibling to popular awards winning Hipco rapper Christopher Nyenga, Shockingly lost his mom Mrs. Cecelia Wolo-Nyenga In 2020 which literally left him with solely his Dad who is a certified public accountant.

In correspondence to his educational Status, Jackie Russ completed Secondary Education at the St Matthew United Methodist School in 2006 with a senior high school recognition. Currently, He is a Cisco Certified entry network technician, a holder of Diploma in Computer Science, Certified Adobe Associate, Da Vinci Resolve Training Certificate and Security +

As an ambitious Young man who experienced his childhood in the slum and completed senior high school at an extremely youthful age, He started enrollment at the International Institute of computer studies and Manpower development [IICS/MPD], where he studied computer science and engineering. 

Alex had a tremendous vision beyond his most stunning contemplation to ensure that his nation meets and arrives at the international standards and Compete universally in the Creative art Sectors.


Considering his fantasy and vision towards the Creative art Sector, Jackie eagerly developed an interest and started Sound Production right at the age of 17 as a hobby in his bedroom when he initially completed secondary school.

Based on several positive feedbacks from his companions who eventually discover the unbeatable skills and talent in this respectable young fellow, He enthusiastically grew interest in Music Production as a profession. 

As a self taught bedroom producer, Eventually Jackie Russ started exploring new music Production softwares and commence with acquiring diverse knowledge from YouTube. 

In 2008, Jackie Russ Establish a media Production Company Called Massive Media Concept where he had huge effects working with several major names in the industry. This Versatile goal-oriented and Creative Music Producer did his first significant project in 2018 with a Musical group called Creation Musical Crew, where they worked on a six song EP.

His Visual Content creating starting 8 years ago on YouTube when he intentionally considered acquainting something new to his career that will emphatically impact his country, forthcoming ages and the world at large. 

Jackie reflects a varied personality, including ambition, generosity, thoughtfulness, entertainment ✍️, curiosity, humility, God dreading, multimedia production and pleasantly calm. The Name Jackie Russ holds a significant spot in the Liberian Entertainment Industry as a result of his numerous commitments throughout recent years, subsequently His Vision and Narrative towards the industry has rapidly transformed the standpoint of visual Content in Liberia. 

Based on his game plan of assessment from several visionary's Music Producers, Cinematographers, Entrepreneurs In Africa and the world who are enormously utilizing their abilities as a medium to incredibly add to social orders, Jack is highly motivated and roused by their diagram and exclusively believe that his country Liberia deserves a breakthrough internationally in addition to recognition as a contributor to arts and culture in Africa and beyond.

With respect to his undeniable degree of inventiveness, He continues to collectively and enthusiastically work towards accomplishing an objective that will ensure creative people are much respect and rightly earned what they deserve in Liberia.

Categorically Speaking, Jackie as a Versatile goal-oriented Content creator, immensely has been hailed with 8 nominations, 4 video Director of the year awards from Mtn Liberia Music Awards and Tunes Liberia Music Awards [2 MLMA and 2 TLMA]. in addition, He also got nominated in the album of the year classification for his recent album (Magic SZN). 

With all due respect, We applaud this versatile Creative individual for his stunning works and how rapidly he has transformed the narratives of Liberia’s Entertainment Industry. 


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