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15 ways to know you are at a Ghanaian party

1) You received 1 invitation card, but you invited 20 more friends.

(2) You get the attention of people who serve food by saying: "Please, Ma'am, we did not eat in this area!"

(3) Even when it was evident that no alcohol was served, he still asked, “Don't you have alcohol?

(4) In a children's party that will start at 5 pm. M. It will end at 12 AM. M. Arrives with kids (some are really asleep) at 11 pm. M.

(5) He asks for more food and drink.

(6) You dance to the rhythm of "Daddy Lumba" or "Kontihene" music as if your life depended on it.

(7) You hear people talking, as in a fight, about sport and politics.

(8) At the end of the party, we see people entering the kitchen and helping themselves to "drink" the food and drink.

(9) Have the DJ play a private cassette tape or CD that you have brought with you.

(10) Ask the person in charge of the rented room to extend the party time by bribing you with money and drinks.

(11) Most men frown on and crave not offering fufu, wachi, kinki or banko.

(12) There are more than two hoppers on the door leading to the place to store food / beverages.

(13) Men sit in groups, instead of sitting with their women or hanging out at the dining room table, talking loudly and spitting food.

(14) On the dance floor, women dance by themselves or with women and men who dance alone or with men.

(15) Most of the men hang out outside and attend "business" using cell phones. The room is emptied upon serving of food.

And one sure sign that you're at a party in Ghana: Nobody wants to be the first to get to the party.

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