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Where are the movie lovers? These are movies recommend for those who are battling with mental issues

Sometimes you feel like no one understands you. Nobody understands how you really feel. Well these movies below are movies you can relate to at the same time contain a lot of messages you can grab from, lessons you can learn from. These movies are to let you know you are not alone.


Her is a 2013 movie that talks about an introvert named Theodore whose profession was to write love letters for couples. He was going through a very rough time after he and his wife got divorced. Theodore got very fascinated as he discovered an OS named Samantha with a very incredible personally. These two had a casual relationship with later turn into deep love.

**A must watch movie**

•It's kind of a funny story

A teenage boy ,Craig was going through so many things in his life and was at the verge of commiting suicide. He then decided he had to go and see a mental health specialist. He was mandated to spend some time with a group of adults upon which he met Bobby,who became his mentor. During those times, young Craig met a teenage girl called Noelle who...............

if you want to know what happened you have to watch it. It's a very interesting movie.

**Please don't forget to share and comment on what you think about it because the comments help me a lot. Thank you**

•The Perks of being a wallflower

A socially awkward kid,Charlie started high school. He didn't have friends and the only friend he made on his first day of school was his English teacher who later sparked his dream of becoming a writer. During his time in school he met two charismatic students Sam and her step brother Patrick who were in their final year. He had so many experiences with them. His first love, friendship,music.When it was time for them to go to college and Charlie realized he was going to be alone ,his anxiety kicked in, threatening his new found confidence.

This is personally my favourite movie and I recommend it for everyone.

They are many more movies that talk about all sort of mental health issues. Don't forget to follow me on I.G @d.a.f.n.a_ . Please comment and share to all the movie lovers.

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