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"This Is Not A Lady, But A South African Boy With A Lady's Shape" (Photos)

I think it's fair to assume that we are moving away from the days when homosexuals are mistreated. This is the modern age when anyone can express themselves without fear of being ridiculed by others.

Siambulela Marenzo, a gay boy from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, was stunned when he shared a photo with the words "Lil chubby gay" on it. People don't believe he is not a woman because she has a female body.

Crossdressing is described as wearing clothes or accessories that are traditionally or largely unrelated to a person's biological gender. The woman who is dressed will dress like a man in this situation, and the man who is dressed will dress like the last woman in this situation.

Crossdressing is enjoying increasing popularity and acceptance in Nigeria and Africa in general, as the art has generated more interest and appreciation than in the last century.

Idris Okuney is the king of cross-industries in Nigeria (known as Bobrisky).

Even so, anyone can find out if someone is a transgender in certain situations related to this act.

This is because many crossdrivers have an extraordinary natural trait of their original gender that is hard to ignore.

Slender muscles and a "firm" face are examples of these traits (as in the case of some male crossdrivers).

However, in some rare cases, it may be difficult to distinguish crossdressers who are different from the sex they are mimicking when they cross.

Mr Siyambulela Marenzo's situation is a very good example of this.

MeMerino's cross-dressing is growing in popularity on Facebook, even though it's new on stage and doesn't have the same exposure as Bobrisky.

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