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Here Is What Queen Elizabeth’s Breakfast Table Looks Like Every Day (Photos)

The queen of England is known to have a routine when it comes to how he likes his breakfast. But despite the status, the food is not much different from the average breakfast, except for one odd choice here and there. Read on and you'll find it easy to recreate the Queen's Breakfast!

In addition to being one of the most popular monarchs, Queen Elizabeth is praised for her longevity. To this day, many people are interested in their daily habits and especially the foods that may relate to their health.

Well, you will be surprised because the taste is not much different from a typical English breakfast.

According to royal biographer Katie Nicole, anyone can recreate the queen's favorite breakfast in their own home. Nicole says 95-year-old Royal Kick starts her day with a cup of tea and a simple cake.

A simple plate is followed by a bowl of muesli, which Tupperware must serve queens and commoners alike.

Fun Fact: The Queen believes the "best" way is to store cornflakes in a plastic storage box so they stick around until it's time to eat them.

If you've ever dreaded missing a second round of breakfast, that's not you! Even the Queen couldn't pass up this extra "jam on white toast and an extra cup of tea for an English breakfast"!

Other important daily specials for the king are lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. For lunch, the queen first enjoys a light appetizer, usually a salad before the main course; His favorite items are fish and vegetables.

For afternoon tea:

"She [Queen] takes a break every day in the afternoon for it. She enjoys a sliced ​​cucumber sandwich, a piece of fruitcake and a pitcher of Earl Grey."

HRH started the last meal of the day with a light appetizer and then a main course, their favorite dish being lamb. For dessert, she enjoys a chocolate cake that will satisfy her sweet tooth. "Phew

One thing is for sure; the queen eats like the legendary queen.

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