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See Five Strange Women You Don't Know Really Exist

See Five Strange Women You Don't Know Really Exist

In this entertaining report we bring you five woman from around the world, whom you barely know they exist and these women are living among people .

It may keep people wondering a lot on how do they cope with such a lifestyle and public attention from people.

This woman has the longest hair in the world. The length of her hair is nineteen and a half feet long! Woah, now that is really long!

Valeria Lukyanova

Meet <a class=Valeria Lukyanova - Real Life Barbie Doll - Page 2 of 2 - Barnorama"/>

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model and entertainer and the media describe her as a living Barbie doll. 

Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, also known as 'Human Barbie,' recently  made an appearance in 'GQ' where more discoveries were f… | Barbie girl,  Real barbie, Women

She is ultra-thin and was born with thin long limbs which help the Barbie effect and she uses makeup and contact lenses to fix mostly over her blue eyes.

Supatra Sasuphan

This is how the hairiest girl in the world looks like 8 years after she  created the record- Daily Bhaskar

This 11 years old from Thailand , has been known as the world's hairiest girl.

Wolf girl: How the 'World's Hairiest Girl' found acceptance and love - CGTN

She is just like any other kid of her age who loves dancing, swimming and playing with her friends, Later she was shaved off and she is now looking like a normal human being.

Mayra Hills (BeShine)

Photos: World's biggest fake boobs belong to German adult model <a class=Mayra Hills with bra size 32Z"/>

She is a renowned German model popularly known as Beshine , She is known as the woman with the world largest fake front side.

Mayra Hills Archives -

Beshine's breasts contain 10 litres of saline solution and weigh a staggering 9kg (20lb) each, can you imagine someone with such on her chest.

Asha Mandela

Woman has incredible dreadlocks that are longer than a BUS - Mirror Online

Woman With Longest Dreadlocks in the World; Hair Could Potential Paralyze |  Natural Hair Rules!!! | Long dreads, Natural hair styles, Locs hairstyles

Asha Mandela is a Guinness World Record Holder for the longest hair in the world , her length of her hair is nineteen and a half feet long and she have been coping with it and making people see that hair could be that long.

Kim Goodman

Kim-Goodman-Women-who-can-pop-out-eyes -

Kim Goodman is a woman from Chicago USA, and she discovered her eyeball popping talent when she was hit over the head.

Kim Goodman - e-zappingTill today she is able to pop her eyes out of her eye sockets by 12 millimeters, Kim holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion.

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