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5 Tips from This Pro for All Beginning Piano Players

It takes maturity to determine whether a song will be high, higher, or highest in pitch.For beginners like us, the method we're learning now is the only way to know the progression of any song.

1. You first need to listen to the song more than three times consistently.

2. Try to sing or whistle the melody while the song is playing.

3. After learning how to sing the melody, one can try the trial and error method of playing the melody on the piano.

4. When we reach here, we shall know how to use the melody to generate the chord progression (the rise and fall of chords) of the song. This tells us that as beginners we always need to learn a song step by step before we can play it at church.

5. So by learning songs one after the other, our ears gradually begin to develop in such a way that when we hear a note or chord, we will be able to identify its pitch level. When we reach this level, we are classified as intermediate.

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