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How to become a good role model

leaders,worry no more . Below are some ways of becoming a good leader. After reading this article one who wants to become a good leader will become if put into practice. Practicing these steps always will make one to become a good leader as well.

1) Be humble ,to become a good leader one have to humble him or herself for his or her followers .

Humbleness to your followers makes them proud of you.

2). Tolerating other views,as a leader ,try to tolerate the views of your followers.

4) Respect for others and followers, to become a good leader respect your followers as well. And always pay attention to them very well.

5). Be bold and confident, to be a good leader ,always be bold and confident in everything that you do.

6).Be God fearing ,to become a good leader one have to be Godfearing as well. Always put God first .

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