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Ghanaians Descends On Yaa Pono For Making Fun Of The Death Of Christ-Details

In this social media era, a lot of people post things they might later look back at and regret them. Or some do certain things, or post them without regrets whatsoever. Some posts for likes, fun, engagements and much more.

Nobody knows the intention of Ghana Musician Yaa Pono when he posted a photo demeaning the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

He Posted a picture this afternoon comparing 50 Cent and American Rapper to Jesus Christ. In the picture of 50 Cent, they wrote "9 BULLETS STILL Alive". On the picture of Jesus Christ they wrote, "3 NAILS, DEAD". And his caption says: "Fear man than spirit".

This got lots of Ghanaians angry and they condemned his actions. Read some comments as it was written;

"@michael_tetteh_:This doesn't make sense... was he not beaten mercilessly and stoned before he got nailed?"

"@streetbokaesaz: He died but we come back in three days but when 50 is gone he can never return"

"@snows_studio: Chairman His death was supposed to happen cuz He came to die for u nIn don't forget He rose up again"

"@mannelmarvin: Stop fooling my man nkwasias3m b3n na u dey talk"

Seriously I don't know if he is joking or 'cruising'. But this is so wrong by all standard. Please what is your take on this?

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