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Benefits of television and movies

Television has been in existence for more than a century, it has got its negative effects but also it has many positive effects.

Many will say some people uses the television as a medium to showcase contents which negatively affect the moral standards of people especially children. It might be true but not all television stations and movies shown on tv corrupt moral standards because it is up to you to watch what you want.

Looking at the negative implications of television and movies, there are a lot of benefits from them, even more than the harm we think they bring.

Television has served as a medium for information across the globe which is a major key when it comes to its benefits. It has also been a medium for advertisements and also communication.

Talking about movies, many people are entertained by movies and many minimize stress by watching movies. Movies really speak a lot to humans and has changed the tragetry of many, and that's a very good benefit.

I will encourage that one should make time to watch movies, good ones because they really give essential messages

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