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This Friday On Sapne Suhane:Sapne Suhane Update

Rachna buys mangal sootar for herself, KT comes from behind. She asks for sindoor too, and two garlands as well. She turns to watch KT standing and says just sweet is left to be bought. KT looks at everything silently, Rachna says this is enough for now but for next time she needs a gold mangal sootar. He asks her to drink water, she takes the bottle and drinks from it. Rachna feels dizzy at once, KT holds her. She asks what he did. KT says for now, this was all fine. When she will come to consciousness, she must just remember this. He takes her into his arms.

Gunjan asks why are they calling it a kidnap. KT and Rachna love each other, why would KT kidnap Rachna. Mayank asks Gunjan to leave it, as she doesn’t know about KT. Gunjan says she also know about people, had KT wanted to do something he had enough time today. He said to her that he can never set Rachna apart her life. She asks Shayl didn’t he say this. Shayl says she doesn’t understand anything, she just want her daughter return home safe. She begs the inspector to get her daughter.

KT announces here her daughter is. He held Rachna in his arms, unconscious. Gunjan is shocked to see this, so is everyone? He comes inside, and make Rachna lie on the bed nearby. Shayl asks what happened to her daughter. KT says it happened as she had wanted. He couldn’t separate them from their daughter. The police accuse KT of kidnapping. Gunjan asks why a kidnapper would have brought her back home. The inspector says they must first question their daughter. KT says their accusation is right, he was taking Rachna kidnapped.

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