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'Akrobeto': When The Meaning Of A Name Impacts Your Life.

For Kumawood actor, Akwasi Boadi popularly known as Akrobeto, nothing, no matter how terrible can take away his rise in his chosen field. Most of his contemporaries are either no more or out of business, especially with the local movie industry known as Kumawood.

His evolution from a first generation Kumawood actor to a modern time in-demand television personality has got many people really surprised considering his age.

He was in ‘Concert Party’ many years back. When it collapsed, he transitioned from a stage performer to a set performer in the movie industry when Kumawood was birthed. He was high flyer in Kumawood and one of the most sought -after actors until the industry started experiencing serious challenges.

The near-collapse of the industry caused many actors to fall on hard times. But then again, Akrobeto survived.

He got into Despite Group’s UTV and became the host of their comic news bulletin show, ‘The Real News’ which has lately caught international attention because of Akrobeto’s humor-laden performance.

Many who started with him have left to venture into other areas. Many relatively new ones who came to meet him have also left, yet Akrobeto still stands. He has literally transcended generations not only with his talent but also, his forever-young physical looks. He has not changed.

Interestingly, the name AKROBETO transliterated means “One who would still be here both in your coming and your exit”, in other words, ‘EVER-PRESENT’.

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