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A man finds out a dark secret about his friend's wife and contemplates if to tell his friend or not

There is nothing hidden under the sun. No matter how long it takes for something to be hidden from people, someday and somehow, such thing will always become a thing of knowledge to others.

Sometimes, we live our lives carelessly without thinking of the consequences of our actions and inactions because we feel that some of those things will not be made known to other people. How wrong we have been!

The kind of life we live "today" can either make us or mar. The lady in question may have in the past felt that, "it does not matter since nobody knows me in this area" but she was wrong because her past is about catching up with her in a way she never imagined.

According to what the man posted in a Facebook group, he has a friend who got married when he was outside the country. At such, he could not attend the marriage. However, he decided to pay his friend and his new bride a visit to share in their joy of marriage.

When the friend got there, he discovered that the lady his friend got married to is a lady whom he knew as a hooker some time ago. Now, he is confused whether to tell his friend about the past life of his dear wife or let it go.

So, I visited a newly wedded 👫 couple just recently,the groom's my best friend.didnt attend the wedding because I was out-of the country. On getting there, I found out the new bride 👰 was a hooker I used to know at Quincy hotel..If you were me, what would you do???? Please help!" - He posted.

Upon submitting the post, members of the group seized the opportunity to submit their advice in the comment box of the post. Their comments produced mixed feelings.

See some of the comments below:

Over to you. What would you do if you find yourself in the situation this man has found himself? Will you tell your friend about the past life of his wife or pretend like you are not aware of it?

Drop your opinions in the comment section.

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