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Top 10 Reasons Diana Antwi Hamilton Is Soaring Higher In Her Music Career

The ever-smiling, strong, adorable, and anointed Gospel Musician, Diana Antwi Hamilton seems to be soaring higher, reaching higher heights and greater dimensions in her life and career. What could be her secrets in life and career? In this article, I will share the top 10 reasons why the anointed Gospel Songstress with the soul-soothing voice Diana Antwi Hamilton is soaring higher and higher in her career.

1. Consistency in prayer. Songs that are received in moments of fasting and prayers, moments of deep worship, and friendship with the LORD cannot be compared to the many cosmetic songs flooding the media but cannot last. Even when it came to choosing a life partner, Diana would tell you how she fasted and waited on the LORD and asked for a sign. Until you hear the voice of God, don't rush to the studio to hear the voice of your sound engineer first, else you may be just making noise in the music industry.

2. Consistency in hard work and self-development. Hard work pays. No matter how talented and gifted you are in life, if you do not put in more effort to work and develop yourself, know that you are not yet ready for national and international recognition. Consistency in whatever you do brings perfection, discovery and you tend to fashion your ministry in a particular style.

3. Her songs are messages relate to deeper issues in life. While some songs sound like a funky noise and more of something to just entertain people, Diana Antwi Hamilton's songs hit you right in the heart and lift up your soul to be attached to your maker.

4. Desisting and resisting all forms of evil and immorality. Many gospel Musicians started very well but the moment they thought they have arrived and left God behind and embraced the world, the LORD switched His attention to other ministers that kept their garment and calling sacred. When you see any gifted person chasing the world and replacing ministry with materialism, know that he or she may not go far.

5. Strong faith and self-motivation. If you do not believe in yourself, no one may believe your gifts and potentials in life. This is depicted in her songs. Listening to all her songs for the past years shows that she is preaching a message or telling a story. Her songs are a revelation of the very things God will do for you at any moment of your life and what you are also supposed to do when His grace locates and preserves you not to look like what you have been through.

6. Creativity and striving for excellence. The anointing of God coupled with creativity and hard work produces excellent results. Musicians and ministers who have a message but do not know how to present it to their generation go into hibernation and extinction.


7. Humility in service will always serve you. Diana together with her husband and family live in the UK but she is down to earth. She readily mingles with people and never trying to use some fake accents to show class. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5).

8. Strategic people in life. How far you go in life depends on the caliber of people that surround you. When Diana Antwi Hamilton won the 2021 Artiste of the year, she extended her appreciation to a few of the strategic people in her life. Your life is an average of the kind of people around you.

9. Strong support from the husband. 

Watch this very well! All gospel musicians that do not have the strong support, prayers, and blessings of their life partners are struggling in the industry. Remember, the ministry of every minister is first to his or her family. Those who have failed in this are only acting and living a life of pretense in public. You can pretend and deceive the public but you cannot deceive your conscience, your heart, and the God who sees everything in secret.

10. Strong support of the Church of Pentecost. Any Gospel musician that is not strongly attached to any church may struggle to shine. The mystery here is that your gift is first meant to benefit the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:7, Eph. 4:11-13).

I hope you have been motivated by the above reasons. May the LORD give you the grace to soar higher in life. Before you go, click on the +Follow button at the top right corner of your phone to receive all updates and interesting articles from me.

Content created and supplied by: Mr_Deep_Thinker (via Opera News )

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