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Good News For Comfort: Three Easy Ways She Can Collect Her Money From Richard Without Hassle

The tussle between Comfort Bliss and her ex-Military boyfriend, Richard Agu has been trending for some days now.

It all started in Accra when Comfort Bliss was selling noodles in one of the University campuses. Richard Agu was a mere SHS leaver who was looking for an opportunity to enter into the military.

A few months after meeting Comfort Bliss, the two agreed to have Richard Agu enter the military and after his passing out, Comfort can also continue her education.  

Since Richard Agu was not working, Comfort had no other option than to invest her life savings for Richard to complete his military training in Takoradi.

Comfort was of the hope that Richard would marry him in the future until their relationship collapsed along the way.

However, Comfort is unable to forgive Richard after she saw his wedding invitation with another woman. She now wants all her monies spent on Richard back as soon as possible.

Most Ghanaians have expressed interest in the issue and it’s being discussed almost everywhere. This is the story so far as narrated by Comfort Bliss.

Now, the issue on the table is how Comfort Bliss will be able to collect her money from Richard.

But there is good news, as Comfort can explore these three avenues to have her money back with ease.

Petition the Military High Command

The military is an institution that believes in discipline. The command abhors any form of criminal record on any of its members.

Once caught with any undesirable act, the high command can easily dismiss the officer involved. Comfort Bliss has publicly accused Richard Agu of defrauding her when they were both in the relationship.

If Comfort has evidence to this effect, she can petition the Military high command and her money can be retrieved with ease.

 Legal Action

The constitution of Ghana frowns on fraud. Many people are currently serving jail term after being found guilty of fraud.

Comfort has indicated in an interview that she has audio recordings that prove Richard defrauded her. We have also read that a broken promise of marriage falls against the laws.

The court can hear these pleads from Comfort, and Richard can be made to pay back the money. This is also another avenue Comfort can retrieve her investment.


Families, Pastors, friends and other loved ones can meet the two and decide to settle the issue amicably. As already known, Richard has agreed to pay back the money to Comfort Bliss soon. This was confirmed by her in an interview on the wedding day. If these are done and both parties understand each other, the issue will be resolved and Richard will enjoy his marriage in peace. 

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