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Top 5 Secondary School In Ghana That Produce "Bad" Boys

Top 5 Secondary School That Produce "Bad" Boys

Back in 2013, I would have said boring, if someone asked me how the day is. Why? Because weekdays on the green land, AUGUSCO is not easy, especially Mondays. Yet, I get the chance to meet my “bad niggas”, but that doesn’t make St. Augustine’s the first school notable for “bad” students.

Today we will look at the top 5 all-boys secondary schools notable for “bad” boys. Of course, this is what we are here for right.

There have been lots of articles on secondary schools in Ghana, all of which most are focused on the bright side of SHS in Ghana. But don’t forget, wherever there is positive, surely there is negative, thus why you don’t spend all your money in the night.

So today, our topic is far different from all my articles on SHS. Do you know a friend who used to a trouble maker during your stay in school? Or are you the trouble maker?

If your answer is no then, tag or shares this post with any trouble maker you remember. Okay, so let’s cut a long story short; Meet the top all-boys Secondary Schools in Ghana notable for ‘bad “ boys.

Top 5 All-Boys Senior High Schools known to produce “Stubborn” boys.

1. Adisadel College

Cited in the central region of Ghana, ADISCO is one of the schools in Ghana notable for “Stubborn” boys. Among the decent headlines they make, Adisadel College also has its other side. Think of the likes of Wan love the kubolor and others.  

2. St. Augustine’s College

Another cape town school notable for “Stubborn” boys. Wait, did I tell you are an APSUNIAN, I guess no but truth is true, am a Proud APSUNIAN. Personally, I choose the photo below because it reminds me of some faces of students that falls under our topic for today. Of course, any APSUNIAN of the 2016 batch will understand it, but the fact is, St. Augustine’s College is one of the SHS notable for “bad” boys, don’t ask if am proud of it, lol.

3. Mfantsipim

You may think am being partial because I attended a cape town school, but the truth is, most of Ghana best school a cited there, and so is Mfantispim. KWABOTWE, as they are nicknamed is with no argument a better choice for the third place of schools notable for “bad” boys.

4. Pope John Senior High

Next on our list is Pope John Senior High School. The Koforidua based school is among the few all-boys schools in Ghana notable for “bad” boys.

5. Presbyterian Boys Senior High

Presec as they are nicknamed, if my mind serves me right, are among the few all-boys secondary schools which fall under today’s topic.

NOTE: If your school is not on the list don’t think you people are Holico. This is just the top 5 and also on the boy’s schools, so don’t shout, please. However, if you think the placement is a bit out of the way, please no vex, just put your suggestion in the comment box.

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