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Doble Kara Wirtten Update For November 18th-19th,2020(Wendesday & Thursday) Sara asked Becca never.





Episode 49

We started with Sara arriving home from work and she found Banjo had already prepared food for her and Becca. Becca told Sara that a friend of hers called Andrea had dropped by to see her and Sara was alert with alarm. She asked Becca what Andrea wanted and Becca said that she wanted to greet her. Sara asked Becca never to open the door for her again because she was a stranger.

Alex walked around the house still looking for the mail she had sent to Kara. Seb asked her why she wanted to see the mail and she said that there were some important papers that he was looking for. When Alex went to see to Julio’s wounds, there was a message sent to Sara’s phone; the thieves had taken it too. Andrea wanted to know how they could see each other and also asked about Sara’s daughter was also called Rebecca.

Seb went to see Hannah was still busy making her Origami patterns. She gave Seb one of them and he asked her why she was giving the origami to him. Hannah said that she wanted to make up for what she had being doing wrong because Seb and Kara had always been scolding her. Seb appreciated her efforts but told her that it was important she learn what they had been trying to tell her.

Seb then received a call from someone who had met Sara before in Sampaloc and she told him that had remembered the other woman living with them had found another child too. (She is the one who had referred Seb to a woman who adopted a son at first.) Seb went to see Sara’s land lady and asked her if the child Sara had with her was hers. The landlady said that the child was not Sara’s because when she arrived at first, she did not have a child and she said that she had just found the child at her house. Seb then realized that Becca was adopted.

Meanwhile, Alex wanted to propel her plans to expose Sara so she found Andrea and pretended to have run into her by accident. She told Andrea that Sara could be in her mother’s house and even gave her the address. She also told Andrea that Becca was 7 years old and Andrea pondered upon that because it was impossible for Sara’s to have had a child that old.

At Kara’s house, Hannah handed everyone the rest of the Origami patterns that she had made for them and gave Kara the one she made with Rebecca’s death certificate. Kara appreciated it but when she saw that it was a document, she asked Hannah if she could un-wrap it. Hannah agreed to do it and when Kara undid the pattern, she saw that it was written in Japanese. She showed it to Laura and Itoy who told her that it may have been Sara’s. Kara asked Hannah where she had found it and she said she found it on some papers that were on the table and showed her the envelop. The envelop had Kara’s address on it and Laura told her that maybe it was a mistake so Kara called Sara and asked her to go get some papers that may have been hers.

When Kara went outside the house, she ran into Andrea who started talking immediately thinking that it was Sara. She did not give Kara a chance to tell her that she was not Sara and went on about her child but managed to stop herself in time when Laura joined them and called Kara by her name. Andrea shut up immediately as she realized that she had not been talking to Sara. Kara introduced herself as Sara’s twin and Andrea introduced herself too. She asked if she could talk to Sara and Laura invited her to wait inside the house because Sara was on her way.

When Sara arrived, she was surprised to see Andrea there and immediately asked that they leave. She almost left the document she had gone to get in her haste so Kara reminded her about it and asked her to wait. When Kara gave Sara the document, Sara took it and dragged Andrea so that they could leave but Kara asked her what the document was for. Sara refused to tell her so Kara asked Andrea instead but Sara dragged Andrea out of there before she could say anything.

Before they could leave, they ran into Seb outside the house as he arrived and he asked to talk to Sara. Sara was in such haste; she got angry at Seb for detaining her and shouted at him which caught everyone’s attention. Kara, Laura and Itoy all left the house to see what was going on and Seb told Sara that it was important that he talk to her. Kara asked him to get on with it because Sara seemed to be in a hurry so Seb asked her whether Becca was adopted! The question caught Sara completely off and she started screaming at Seb that Becca was adopted. Laura asked Seb where he had gotten the information because it might have been false and Seb said that he got it from Sara’s landlady and wanted Sara to clarify things. Kara reverted to the document that Sara had and asked Andrea to tell them what it was. Andrea was on edge because she did not know what was going on so she only kept quiet but Sara finally told them that it was a death certificate! No one understood her so she told them that her real daughter died in Japan after she was born prematurely. The news took everyone by surprise and Laura was especially hurt to hear that Sara’s child had died and they never got to know about it. Sara said that she saw no need to tell them because it would not bring her daughter back. She added that she felt complete when she found Becca and only wanted all of them to promise never to tell her that she was adopted. They all agreed to it then Sara practically flew out of there with Andrea.

Edward still had a feeling that Sara was hiding something from him so he went to look for her at the club. He found Becca there and she told him that Sara had gone out for a while. Banjo had a spat with Edward and told him to leave Sara alone because he only caused her harm. Edward said he was not going anywhere before speaking to Sara. Sara walked in then distraught and crying and Edward was the first to get to her. Sara told him that it was not the time for them to talk but Edward insisted. Banjo cut in and shoved Edward to a chair as he demanded that he leave. Edward was ready to fight Banjo back but Sara cut in and told them that they were not helping her. Cynthia arrived and asked Edward to leave.

Sara talked to Cynthia later about revealing the truth about Becca’s death to her family but she had not told them that Becca was Isabella. Cynthia told Sara that it was her chance to tell the truth but Sara said that she could not bear to lose Becca.

At Kara’s house, Paulo and Andy talked about Sara and the fact that Becca was adopted and Hannah overheard them.

Alex was hoping to find chaos at home because she thought that they truth would have been revealed but was disappointed to find everything peaceful as Hannah tried to explain what had happened.

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